Callaway Cars Introduces World's Most Powerful 2016 Camaro

Callaway Cars Introduces World's Most Powerful 2016 Camaro

January 7, 2016 – Callaway Cars offers the world’s most powerful street legal 2016 Camaro available through select North American Chevrolet dealerships. The patented Callaway GenThree Visible Supercharger System is presented on the limited edition Callaway Camaro SC600. Reeves Callaway says, “This is a 600+* horsepower muscle car that leverages technologies developed for Callaway’s SC757 Corvette Z06.”

Callaway engineers know that maximizing power means keeping inlet air temperature cool. Callaway’s unique triple-element intercooler configuration provides significantly lower and better managed inlet charge air temperatures than single or dual-element designs.

“We engineered a complete package that enhances the new car’s performance, our GenThree supercharger is the heart of the Callaway Camaro SC600,” said Mike Zoner, the renowned engineer and Managing Director of Callaway Cars. “The TVS 2300cc based supercharger rises prominently through the hood, staying cool as it produces serious horsepower, run after run and lap after lap. The Callaway Camaro SC600 offers supercar capabilities with superb drivability and full compliance. It’s simply an amazing combination of great car and shocking power.”

The supercharger housing extends up through the hood, exposing it to outside ambient airflow and its benefit of convective heat transfer. This makes the supercharger visible without opening the hood as heat is extracted from the engine compartment by natural airflow.

Callaway 2016 Camaro

“The supercharger assembly is not cramped below the hood because we wouldn’t compromise performance or reliability,” said Callaway. “Our design maintains consistent charge air temperatures with exceptionally low restriction. Plus, we achieve even airflow distribution to all cylinders. The result is a broad torque band and more consistent power delivery during extreme driving. Every Callaway Camaro maintains the factory GM warranty and is supplemented by Callaway’s powertrain coverage.”
Source: Callaway Cars Inc.